To celebrate the premiere of the third season of Borgia in Italy, Assumpta Serna wants to make a summary of what was said and what she wanted to say, that she could not say on the TV channel Sky Italy.


The view of society in the television series Borgia is no different from the view of “families” that wefind nowadays in both Italy and Spain.

Citizens today perhaps see more clearly now than before the corruption that erodes political and economic life of our countries. As modern citizens, we see the collapsing systems of a society by a dominant culture that does not work, but one which we are still perpetuating in silence or being cynical in our attitude.

Before approaching the enormity of the profound cultural changes that should be made in our society, we are paralyzed, like the mass of the Middle Ages, dampened day by day, without a vision for the future and without finding the real answer to our existence. The problem seems to appear along with others, but make no mistake about it, because we are also complicit if we fail to react.

The lack of clarity and the drop in ethical values in the years in which the Borgia family reigned in a world of change, like today, has an almost educational value mirrored with our own day to day lives.

Men and women, like Vannozza Catanei and her child Cesar Borgia, who do not know the limits on what is good or bad and have no modesty in the exercising of power, exist in our current society and have names and surnames. They resist compassion in order to maintain their power, they are capable of walking over others and dampening spirits when talk of change and opportunity arise. Women and men struggling for power then cannot manage to make a difference as they elude their responsibility, admitting the false “I cannot do anything.”

We see every day, in the news, in the Italian and Spanish newspapers, the fall of manipulating and cheating men and women. We see in our Spanish and Italian networks, degrading television of poor intelligence, away from dialogue and listening to the other, real communication that only sometimes has our attention.

Thanks to Sky for being different and stimulate with Borgia to reflexion about sex /love and power.

I believe that this third season of Borgia, plays on the same themes that need to be reviewed today; the decline in values, a system that is not working for the vast majority of people, where the rich continue to become richer and the poor poorer. I think that like the century of Borgia, modern society is just as asleep and confused, with the same plagues, fears and superstitions.

I hope that in the series, in this final season, it lets us reflect, react and wake up to find other directions that give us meaning to our short-lived existence. I hope Borgia can bring new hope to finally recover our memory.

In our 21st century, filled with lies and secrets, Borgia raises many valid questions. It awakens memory, shows us characters without direction, in their raw, real and cruel truth.

The series of Borgia is useful to mirror our society, now and always. What little we have learnt after seven centuries!

Enjoy each word that Tom Fontana has written and compare this family with every one of us. Review every abuse of power we have exercised, ask ourselves as mothers, fathers and children, what we do, what responsibility do we have when we do not talk, ask ourselves if we know the true purpose of our lives, if we are doing enough to leave a better world, compare ourselves with this family who did so little to earn humanity and sanity.