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First Team’s Projects

-Training projects for young people at risk of social exclusion.

A training in the initiation to cinema for young people at risk of social exclusion, unemployed, under 35 years old, so that they can exert functions of helpers in all the departments of the audiovisual sector.

-Act, create, communicate hope

For the year 2012, the first announcement will be made to actors by means of a competition to present audiovisual works, picture works, sculptures, photographs, video art and sound art, created by professional actors to communicate their important creation as creators and as the cultural agents of society. A part of the profit from the sale of the exhibitioned work will be given to the creator himself and the rest to the training of the actor groups by means of grants for young people without resources, young people with functional diversity or physical or personal disabilities.

-Act, create, communicate tolerance

Carrying out the obligation that the actor has always had which is to confront and report the problems within society, we urge other entities, people related to the culture industry and to the company to incorporate social integration programs and social support programs and associations against all types of violence, like the association “New Threat” (Nuevo Amanecer”) that needs financing in order to maintain their welcome house for badly treated women and children.

-The integration of disabled people

Between our students, we integrate groups of actors refused from other schools and from the professional world due to a lack of resources or due to physical or mental differences because good cinema shouldn’t be one dimensional; it should not only have an entertaining function, it should also have an ambition to communicate with society through it’s content, it should aim to give intensity to the quality of life of the spectator; it should not be satisfied with just being something for people to use as a distraction from boredom. Good cinema has to always be able to appreciate and listen to other voices, faces and bodies.

-Training in Spain directed to people with physical disability

All of our training programs are accessible to actors, directors and technicians with disabilities.

-Professional insertion of disabled people to the audiovisual sector.

The first team foundation is executing agreements with audiovisual companies and digital communication channels to amplify the work possibilities for the students of the promotions of first team.

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