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Who we are

The first team foundation is a non-profit organization which consists of both European and international actors, director and scriptwriters from the film and TV industries.  In line with our mission and values, we strive to improve the quality of training for the different professions within the film industry, whose creative ability effects, in cultural terms, society. We also wish to help develop and progress this professional training, so that no talent is overlooked due to a lack of access, or mobility for those who suffer from physical disabilities, or because of lack of resources.

Our innovative teaching includes what a beginning actor needs to know to work in front of the camera. For the seasoned actor first team is a challenging lab and a place to practice. Directors learn how to communicate better with actors, from the point of view of the actor.

The first team professional film center in Madrid, Spain offers a dynamic space for actors, directors, producers and screenwriters to exchange ideas, feelings and creative thoughts, creating a new, invigorated and different kind of cooperative film community.

During the last ten years Scott Cleverdon and Assumpta Serna have been elaborating on and teaching an innovative way of approaching acting in front of the camera. They are teaching at the first team headquarters in Madrid and in universities, cinema and theater schools and Film festivals throughout Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia.

Since the year 2000, 950 actors and 78 directors have taken these courses in front of the camera, culminating in 3389 hours of teaching a new cooperative way of making cinema, with a specialty in acting on camera (ICFT).

First team foundation has a management board that creates and monitors the guidelines and principles of the foundation. We also have a board of advisors that advise and suggest new ways of collaboration. The Committee Of Honor handles professional contacts and is also an administrative department.


  • Management board

    Mark Stephens (Administrador y fundraiser Actor's Centre)

    Romàn Gubern (Catedrático en cine español de la Universidad autónoma de Barcelona)

    Pablo Larrea (Abogado)

    Paulina Ballbé (UE)

    Juan A. Casado (Relaciones ministeriales)

    Agustín Sanchez Vidal (Catedrático de la Universidad de Zaragoza)

    Jordi Alavedra (Director marketing Bassat-Ojylvy)

    Victor Castro (Asesor laboral, fiscal)