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Specialist University Course – Curso de cine

Rodaje 1. formacion audiovisual

formacion audiovisual

Video resumen de los cortos finales first team.

Master en Interpretación cinematográfica y audiovisual

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formacion audiovisual


University Rey Juan Carlos

50 Credits ECTS, 750 hours


Third Edition, 2012-2013

The first team foundation is the first school in Europe to offer, in conjunction with the university Rey Juan Carlos, the pioneering screen acting course for actors. The course, as well as using cutting edge technology, is useful, practical, conducted in teams and is designed to improve the employment prospects of the students.


The film and TV market is increasingly competitive, and each year it requires better-trained actors. Therefore, it is essential that in the near future actors have access to specific film training that is internationally recognised.


Our courses are taught by very experienced actors, such as Assumpta Serna and Scott Cleverdon, and our staff are all internationally recognised professionals. Our courses, which are worth 30 credits, contain exactly what an actor needs for a career in film. They develop the actors’ communication skills, their ability to act naturally, their creativity and helps them to know what they want to do in the future.9  


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