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Principles of Quality of First Team training

From our own experience, we recognize 10 principles that help provide quality training.

  1. Equity, which guarantees an equal opportunity to receive quality training, developing the personality and the social skills of the student and the teacher, which eliminates discrimination, acting as a compensating element of the personal and social inequalities of the participants in their programs. With the integration of all strata of society and acquiring fundamental values ​​by encouraging participation, relying on their own skills with a rigorous selection, respecting the ability and assessing the thirst for knowledge
  2. Self-assesment through critical analysis of the whole education system, both its design and organization and the processes of teaching and learning by all participants in the center (workers, students, teachers, professionals, programs), promoting constant tutoring of students with those responsible for the training programs, encouraging discussion amongst students as an essential method for developing our own criteria.
  3. Not lowering the quality of the training programs even with the lack of liquidity, constantly seeking collaborations with other institutions to meet the goal of providing the most possible practical classes, in constant communication with the market to provide the best possible technical and artistic quality
  4. The recognition of teachers with professional reputations as an essential factor in the quality of education, with the majority of the teachers, professionals working in their specialised field, retraining with constant programs for teachers allowing constant educational innovation.
  5. Rigorous practice of solidarity, through specific activities of volunteering, networking and participation to promote: dialogue, transparency, empathy, the creation of working groups amongst creators
  6. Boosting responsibility, through teamwork, ethics, and respecting different points of view as essential elements of the educational process. Promoting dialogue with professionals and the studetns in tutorials. With an aim, in the end to form a community responsible for the creation of values ​​and products to help improve the society in which we live
  7. Flexibility, to adapt to structure, to organizational changes, and to the needs and demands of society. In addition to this, to the various skills, interests, expectations and personalities of the students and the work groups, learning to accept different points of view.
  8. Develop the values ​​and basic principles of innovation, fostering and promoting research, experimentation, through techniques, communication tools and equipment pioneered in technical and artistic quality. Promoting methods to achieve creative students and leaders with the power of inspiration who develop their imagination and creativity and those who come into contact, respecting personal initiative and their entrepreneurial spirit.
  9. The effectiveness of the training, will be measured not only in the level of popularity of the members and the quality criteria of the surveys to the students, but also in offering useful and ethical services to the industry and in the ability to transmit the values produced by the teachers and students of the institution. This is designed to promote personal freedom, social responsibility, cohesion and to improve society, and the equality of rights between the sexes and discrimination on ethnic, social or physical, to help overcome any type of discrimination. The indicators of the quality of the training, will be measured in the observation and actual practice of professional ethics by teachers and students.
  10. To encourage participation and dialogue among various sectors of society with the audiovisual community, both nationally and internationally in order to share their experience of career management. Especially promoting, the necessary coexistence and excellence in the study of the signs of audiovisual communication, encouraging learning as a lifelong process, a value which extends throughout life.



Assumpta Serna and Scott Cleverdon

Founders of International first team Foundation