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Assumpta en Córdoba - Formación Audiovisual

Escena noviembre 2008 - Formación AudiovisualActor y pantalla 1 - Formación AudiovisualActor y pantalla 2 - Formación AudiovisualActor y pantalla 3 - Formación AudiovisualActor y pantalla 4 - Formación AudiovisualActor y pantalla 5 - Formación Audiovisual

University course on screen acting In the last 10 years first team has been constantly developing its pioneering training programs. It is the first and only school in Europe to offer a screen acting university course. This course is worth 30 credits ECTS (750 h), and it is give in conjunction with the University Rey Juan Carlos.


Practical knowledge of the technical and creative process of a film: the writing of the script, the shooting, the editing and the promotion of the movie. That all our courses are of the highest technical and artistic quality possible and that all our students are entirely satisfied. Improve actors’ knowledge of film acting. Help actors to carefully examine the choices that are available to them about their characters and help them to understand the intentions of their characters so that they can explore and play their role in the most creative way possible in each scene of the movie. Improve the professionalism of actors, as it is vital that all those involved in the filmmaking process have the same level of professional training. To help our students, through our specially designed courses, to achieve success in their career and help them with whatever they need, whether it be personal promotion, social networking, giving them access to information on film projects etc. Special attention must be paid to the study of interpersonal communication as it is fundamental in furthering the actors’ understanding of human attitudes, which in turn enables them to achieve “natural acting”. To create a friendly and professional ambiance in the first team center, where aspiring actors can find, from a dedicated and experienced team, all the help and support which they need to start their career successfully. In line with first team values, we help integrate people with disabilities into TV and film so that their desires and identity are better known to the public and to the industry. We offer, in partnership with the non profit organization ONCE, seven scholarships for the first team university course on screen acting. We always have strong ties with national and international producers so that our well trained students have the chance to be considered for european projects with such renowned film companies as Future Films, el Deseo, Filmax, and Zebra productions.

Specific courses for young professionals

We offer intensive courses of different length, both in Madrid and throughout the different regions of Spain, for young professionals who wish to further their training and improve their professionalism competitiveness.  

Training courses in Latin America

  Although most of our courses take place at our Madrid Headquarters, we also hold training courses in five different South American countries from July through till September: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia. The first team foundation has social networks in 10 South American cities: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba, Tucumán, Montevideo, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Bogotá).   These programs take place thanks to the support of AECID (the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and that of the national film institutions and local film schools with whom we work.   The total amount of column inches taken up by publications about first team in South American newspapers in 2010 have an estimated value of over €210.000.