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Since 2004, first team has been pioneering in organizing networking sessions to promote the transparency in the communication of audiovisual projects.

In the past, these meetings were held at the two most prestigious film festivals in Spain, The  San Sebastián Film Festival and the Spanish National Film Festival in Málaga.

During 2012, with the objective to generate dialogue between actors, directors and screenwriters, producers and distributors, the first team foundation organizes at its headquarters in Madrid periodic meetings between the various sectors of the audiovisual.

Direct, fast and fun, and in groups of 20, members of the first team zone, professionals and experts all have the opportunity to contribute and exchange ideas, projects and learn more about the work process.

It is and unusual and valuable opportunity to improve your ability to communivate in the most dynamic and effective way possible and a fantastic and friendly way to network and find partners for film projects.I

“In first team, we encourage the creation of a unique community within the audiovisual sector