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Film Festivals

The television and film festivals offer the chance of finding like-minded people who are also looking to set up TV or film projects.

Enthusiastic professionals share their experiences, relax and enjoy themselves and share their passion for film. These professionals, some from all over the world, travel to publicize their work and on the road, find out the most exclusive, latest and best releases in TV and Cinema.

In Spain there are more film festivals than days in a year. Sometimes, in the small festivals where we professionals have more time to enjoy the company of others, we discover new film makers with whom we can create new projects.

The first team Foundation uses film festivals as a unique platform to discover the new promising talents of Spanish cinema and to promote those talented individuals that share our mission and practice the first team values.

In twelve years, our students have participated in film festivals in  Buenos Aires and Rosario (Argentina), in Bolivia, Lerida, Alcalá de Henares, Huelva, Málaga y San Sebastián.

There we have organized meetings, conferences, seminars, spreading the first tream training activity, supporting actors, directors and screenwriters.

We have launched many our first team short film directors and our actors in all parts of the world, and many acting awards have been won for the short films that we make annually.