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Short Films

At the end of each year, first team and Ascot Solutions S.L. work to write, direct, produce, direct, edit and distribute a short film that will represent first team in the upcoming year and will open new doors to the actors from the university course. The Flower, which is the latest work, is now ready for distribution in the national and international film festivals.

Annually, first team and Ascot Solutions S.L. produce more than 20 short films and they are distributed amongst our social networks in and in youtube: and we also promote them in facebook, twitter, yuglo and Cinemavip.

Equally, first team supports new directores, lending material and allowing access for shooting, like in the case of the TV Internet series: “Neuróticos”, produced and directed by the university course students, and the short film, “Luz” by Pablo Aragües. Also first team offers free casting services to actors, like in the case of short films such as “Tia Berta”, produced by Claqueta Blanca and “Champagne Supernova” by Arrebato Productions.

At first team, we film short films written by actors and we support throughout producing and those who wish to direct. For example “Ese instante” was directed by Chus de Castro and David G. Villaraco and “Infinite Memory”, was directed by Relinde de Graaff who collaborated with other actors and actresses from the 2009-2010 course.