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The student’s opinion

The student’s opinion:

"First Team nos ha dado el trampolín para lanzarnos al mundo con el que soñábamos. Las alas para volar. Creo que después de First Team, los actores nos sentimos más actores que nunca. ACTORES con mayúsculas"

Lucila Mart, Murcia

"El hogar dónde aprendí lo que es el mundo audiovisual, y dónde me hice amigo de una tal cámara"

Raúl Lara, Murcia

"First team es un punto de encuentro de profesionales"                                                                          

José García, Madrid

"No hay mejor manera para aprender a trabajar en equipo que en first team y además su propio nombre lo deja muy claro. Los primeros."

Ferrán Arís, Barcelona

"First team es un espacio lleno de profesionales y he llegado a sentirla como mi propia casa, mi refugio."

Dariel Baskes, Madrid

"Grances profesionales, buen equipo técnico, first team: un lugar para probar, equivocarnos, crear, crecer"

Marina Moya, Madrid

"First Team es una comunidad dónde apoyarme"

Esteban Balbi, Barcelona

Un día me empujásteis hacia el lado luminoso de los focos, yo que siempre estuve del otro, y al enfrentarme ahí a mis miedos y a mis prejuicios me ayudásteis a recuperar elcaudal de ríos que estaban secos. No volverán a estar. gracias por plantear lo que casi nadie considera.

Mario de Vicente, Madrid

El actor completo debe conocer todos los entresijos de un rodaje. Debe tener conocimientos de iluminación, sonido, tipo de plano en el que se rueda… para que así su interpretación sea completa. Gracias a first team he adquirido estos conocimientos, de los que antes no era consciente. Además de un equipo técnico inmejorable, el equipo humano es lo que te hacía sentir seguro para poder interpretar de manera fluida, por lo que la formación first team funciona.

José Rúa, Sevilla

"First team crea profesionales por que cree en las personas."

Azucena Monchón, Madrid

This seminar has been really positive for me. The truth is that first team is a very effective team, and, it is great to witness how you develop in an intensive course, where you can learn in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to that, students are relaxed and that helps them get rid of the nervous or shyness. As a result, actors aren’t afraid to give the best of themselves generously in front of the camera, without fear.

Martín Nalda. Madrid

Martín Nalda

first team has given me back my self-confidence and my enthusiasm for acting. In addition to that, I have found the best place to receive film training techniques. Before knowing your foundation I had gone to many different acting schools. My problem was that I wasn’t absolutely convinced about any of them. Now I know the perfect place for me to learn. first team has an unique, friendly atmosphere in which students can improve and learn every day. I like everything about first team (…) above all I like the two of you. Your foundation is extremely worthy.

Lucía Parro. Madrid

Lucía Parro

first team on camera classes are perfect, because, you learn a lot about cinema and TV from the point of view of actors. The teachers have already experienced what the starting out actor will experience. Assumpta, Scott and all the first team technicians are professionals, serious and engaging. And, they really know how to give warmth to what might seem technical. They teach from experience and love. It is a real pleasure to learn like that.

Fani Gontá. Madrid

Fani Gontá

When I read Assumpta Serna’s book she seemed to me to be a very interesting and intelligent woman with a lot of experience and with plenty of anecdotes useful to someone just starting.

Estela Martínez Salvador, Barcelona

Estela Martínez Salvador

The idea of the Speed meetings with actors and directors at the San Sebastian International Film Festival is excellent. I congratulate the creative team who thought of first team. The workshop on “personal promotion” taught us a lot that no one else teaches: the process, the thinking and the results regarding how to promote a movie and oneself.

Chus de Castro, Madrid

Chus de Castro

“It is a pleasure to learn from wise people, with great love and respect for what it means to be an actor.”

Manuel Monteagudo, Sevilla

Manuel Monteagudo

It has been a pleasure to meet and work with every single member of first team, and, it will be an enormous pleasure to keep collaborating with you and to help you, because, first team has to grow with the effort of us all.

Jimena la Motta, Madrid

Jimena la Motta

If I have to point out a single thing, apart from the same team that helps and teaches us to play with the camera, the best is the way they all teach. It is personalized, clear and very professional. I enjoy learning with Assumpta and Scott. It is something one cannot find anywhere else: experience, talent, love and work… I’ve learned a lot and I apply it to my professional life. It is the best experience I’ve lived as an actor.

Adrián Viador, La Coruña

Adrián Viador

(…)I hope that today you both have the same spirit as you did back then, because, the style of teaching using humor is rare among actors, who are used to working with pressure and pain. You allow us to believe we are the best “creative” factors… Thank you for teaching us to be friends of the camera and for showing us that many things cannot be taught, that we learn through living our lives.

José Manuel Seda, Sevilla

José Manuel Seda

I was sailing to an adventure every day with an impressive crew, the make up artist, production, the interns and all of those needed to coordinate the trip… At the end, in the master class, I saw an angel that day, without going to the museum of angels. Events like these are only possible at first team, where Lucía Bosé was saying how wonderful a partner Marcello Mastroniani was on the set, or, how she became one of the best actresses of her time after selling cakes and how she had preferred to become a mother and a better person. I also learned that day that perhaps my destiny is to sell burgers and dream of two angels: Scott and Assumpta.

Sara Jiménez, Madrid.

Sara Jiménez

(…) I left the Canary Islands two years ago and came to Madrid… I'd left my homeland because nobody was able to fulfill my needs there. I was in Madrid, such a big city full of schools lacking in what I was just looking for… Then I heard about first team. I can't remember exactly the date nor the way I met them; but I decided to join them and started working as a volunteer devoting all my time to this great family. I want us to continue growing day by day, sharing our work and love for this profession with all actors and directors.

Saida Fuentes, Madrid

Saida Fuentes



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